Amsterdam Dance Event


Slipping the world’s world’s largest electronic music festival right into your jeans pocket.

  • Bravoure
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Mobile App

Recycling & rethinking

When asked to create an app for the 2015 edition of ADE in a matter of a couple of weeks, we drew on our earlier work for the online platform. We managed to reuse large portions of the technology and UX, optimising and improving other parts.

Explore & listen to 2,000+ artists

The app contains profiles for hundreds of ADE artists. By integrating Spotify, users could listen to all artists whilst navigating the app.

Search, filter & find events

Easily find a specific event or filter on date, theme, type or venue. The app is the perfect companion to guide you the way through nearly 1,000 events.

More than 500 venues under your thumb

ADE takes place all over Amsterdam. With most visitors coming from abroad, having all venues and their location conveniently in your pocket is a very welcome feature.

Up to speed before, during and after ADE

Whilst focussing on ADE visitors, the app also caters to homestayers. News, live reports, updates and blog posts allow for an even larger audience.