FedEx / TNT

Collabo­ration Platform

Building bridges for the merger of two global logistics players.

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  • Platform

Connecting people & possibilities

When TNT and FedEx merged, the teams of both companies had to start working together. To catalyse this process, we created the Sales Collaboration Platform.

Becoming a team

Sales people from both companies were divided into mixed, international teams. The first task for the team would be to agree on a team name and avatar. A new team captain had to be chosen by the team each month.

Home of the king

Teams competed in different leagues for the top prize: A trip to FedEx HQ in Memphis, Tennessee.

Sales performance & teamwork

Key to getting to the top of the league was individual sales performance combined with teamwork. Each month, teams would receive assignments to achieve for valuable points. Team performance could be monitored live and weekly recaps kept team members up to date.

Get inspired

Apart from the competition side of things, there were monthly spotlight and knowledge items to inspire teams to go the extra mile.