Dekmantel Festival

Setting the look and feel for arguably the most qualitative electronic festival around.

  • Bravoure
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Identity
  • Website
  • Print

Unrivalled quality

In an incredibly short period of time, Dekmantel has managed to establish their Festival at the forefront of qualitative electronic music. Their highly original line-up is truly unmatched.

Evolving a solid identity

Dekmantel’s pyramid logo and identity formed a great base for us to start from for the 2015 edition. We created a unique new colour scheme, introduced 2 new shapes and added the concept of diagonal folds to enrich the visual language.

A new digital presence

The website we created leans heavily on the diagonal folds concept. Combined with the bold use of the new shapes really gave the website a unique look and feel.

Promotional, functional and decorative

We created a wide spectrum of materials ranging from social posts and posters to timetables and floor plans. The identity was also used in all sorts of festival signage and decoration.