Het Mauritshuis

Flight of the Goldfinch

Award-winning interactive experience telling the hidden history behind Fabritius’ masterpiece.

  • Energize
  • Art Direction
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Interactive Experience
  • Storytelling

Experience Fabritius’ masterpiece

To reach a new (younger) audience, we created an interactive storytelling website for one of the Mauritshuis most exciting pieces, the Goldfinch.

Different parts of the story are triggered by the user’s scroll position and interactions, allowing the user to decide on the tempo and amount of detail.

Bringing the story to life

Automated voice-overs, music, interactive scenes and animations bring the story to life to create a truly immersive experience.

Trompe l’oeil

We added subtle animations to classic paintings to play a similar game of trickery with the observer as Fabritius had done centuries ago.

Rembrandt, Fabritius, Vermeer

In Fabritius’ early work we can clearly see his master Rembrandt’s influences. Later on, Fabritius adopted a style more of his own, which in turn had great influence on Vermeer.

Painting in the scanner

In 2003, the Goldfinch was the first painting to be given a CT scan. Amongst other things, it revealed that the painting was made in 2 fases, certain details having been added later.

With an animated, ‘exploded’ view of the painting we displayed these different layers.

The Delft Thunderclap

Fabritius dies a tragic death at an early age. We recreated the disastrous event based on a painting of the aftermath.

Not the end

After Fabritius’ death, the story for the Goldfinch had only just begun. It has been all over the world since and still travels. Still inspiring many along the way.