NDSM Website

A digital platform reflecting the diversity and quirkiness of Amsterdam’s NDSM wharf.

  • Digital Natives
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Creative hotspot

The NDSM wharf is an old shipyard that has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot. It hosts a vibrant artist community, multi-disciplinary festivals, performances, exhibitions, dance parties and a wide range of other events in unique, post-industrial surroundings.

The physical in the virtual

To emphasise the actual location, we gave the map a prominent role on the website. A split view on desktop and a single tap on mobile to switch between content and map view. Every piece of information on the site is linked to a specific location on the map.


We tried to reflect the raw and creative vibe of the wharf in our website design. Even a useful function like being able to alter the size of the split screen got a little twist, allowing users to set ridiculously large text.


Users can switch the site to the NOW state to see what’s currently going on at the wharf. When physically at the wharf, users even receive in-site notifications when approaching live events or exhibitions.