Creating useful, usable and beautiful products

I am here to help you define what your product should do, how users will interact with it and make sure it always looks sharp. Because what looks good, really works better.

Professional experience along the full spectrum of digital has helped shape me into a truly multidisciplinary designer. A digital hybrid, if you will. An expert at bridging the gap between initial concept and final realisation, speaking both languages fluently.

I have always looked outside the boundaries of whatever at the time was my discipline.

My main focus lies in creating products that are useful, usable and beautiful. That frequently requires crossing interdisciplinary boundaries to get the job done. A part that fits me like a glove thanks to the many different roles I have played at agencies in the past.

I have had the privilege to work for many wonderful brands and agencies. Ranging from dance festivals to financial corporations, from cultural institutions to softdrink moguls and from charity organisations to global telcos.

Projects I have worked on have been honoured with awards issued by the Lovies, FWA, Awwwards, ADCN, Spin, SAN, One Club and Esprix.

If you are looking for help in the digital realm in the field of art direction, user experience or visual design, let me know.

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