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Bringing a merger campaign to the digital world

  • Art Direction
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Campaign

A merger of two telecom giants

At the end of 2016, Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo (the Netherlands’ primary broadband and television provider) announced they would join forces. My role in this project was two-fold: I was part of the digital brand team and I was a member of the team responsible for all merger-related communications on the Vodafone website.

Digital Brand

As digital brand team we were responsible for coming up with a digital translation of the proposed ATL campaign and branding. We made a number of key changes to the artwork (including the addition of shadows, flat block shading, colours and icons) which ended up becoming the main style used for the whole campaign (on- and offline).

Three phases

Customers were informed about the merger benefits in a number of phases. For each phase we created separate landing pages and components on the Vodafone website.


When you combine Vodafone and Ziggo products, or already have both, you earn free extras. Which extras you earn depends on the plans you have. Because the exact rules behind eligibility were quite complex, we created a handy tool to for customers to check which extras they will receive.

Keeping customers informed

Whenever a client changes plans with either provider, it may mean that he gains or loses extras. Users are kept informed by personal messages within My Vodafone.