Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE Platform

Evolving the online platform for the world’s largest electronic music festival.

  • Bravoure
  • Art Direction
  • UX
  • Visual Design
  • Platform
  • Website

Building on a solid foundation

For the 2015 edition, I was in charge of taking the ADE platform to the next level together with the team at Bravoure. We added several new features and made a number of big improvements.

Notifications & recommen­dations

A new feature for 2015 was the artist section. Users can search the extensive database of past ADE performers, add artists to their favourites, get recommendations and receive a notification as soon as they are listed at an ADE event. So you never have to miss out on tickets again!

Connect with Spotify

Wouldn’t it be cool to connect your Spotify account to ADE? We thought it would be, so we gave it a go. Artists you listen to on Spotify are matched with ADE artists and you choose which ones to follow. And get those ticket notifications and recommendations for.

Putting venues on the map

With ADE’s growing popularity, sponsors and third parties started adding their own type of venues. We upgraded the existing venues section to accommodate for these different types of venues and made use of the opportunity to give the rest of the section a thorough overhaul too.

ADE Live 2.0

To improve the live registration of ADE, we shifted focus to actual live streams of events (video, radio and photos). We also gave currently trending content a prominent spot on the homepage to add to the now-ness.